Quality assurance at The Lee Company is a management commitment of the highest order. Our quality systems are based on ISO9001-2000/AS9100A, ISO10012-1 and ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-1993 and are supported by a documented lot control and traceability system. The EFS product group's quality control system is also based on the FDA's GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices Manual and the IMH group's quality system is certified to QS9000 - the automotive industry quality standard.

These quality systems, which include extensive use of Statistical Process Control, have enabled the Lee Company to be awarded Certified Supplier Status by many of our customers. This allows those companies to receive Lee products directly into stock, saving the costs and delays associated with incoming inspection. Quality assurance surveys, audits and source inspections are always welcomed by Lee. The Lee Company is also willing to work to any special Q.A. specifications required by our customers.