New Genvi™ Solenoid Valve

The Lee Company’s new genvi™ solenoid valve represents a new generation of versatile and innovative 3-port solenoid valves. In a miniature 10mm package, the genvi LGV Series control valves feature high flow capacity, low leakage and ultra-low power consumption. 

Designed using innovative manufacturing techniques, this new control valve offers not only exceptional reliability, but also an economical price point and is ideally suited for molecular diagnostics, respiratory therapy, compression therapy, environmental monitors, breath analyzers and other applications where performance and reliability are paramount.

High Flow: 200 Lohms minimum, Common to NC Port (40 SLPM at 15 psid)

Low Power Consumption: 318 mW hold power

Low Leakage: less than 25 SμLPM maximum at 15 psid air, 70°F (21°C) throughout rated cycle life (25M cycles)

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