Lube Nozzles Oil The Wheels of Aviation Gearboxes

The specialised design of gearboxes used in most aviation and other similar demanding applications along with the tolerances they need to operate within, requires precise and reliable lubrication. This is in contrast to how gearboxes in heavier, more industrial applications tend to be immersed in lubricant without the need for targeted lubrication. The delivery of precise, highly accurate and in some cases screened lubricants is usually provided by Lube Nozzles and The Lee Company is able to offer special nozzle designs to meet most requirements.

In addition to offering single and multi-orifice designs and in various configurations, Lee Products have the capability to include safety screens for additional protection. Also, Lee HI-BAR screens can be integrated directly into the nozzle body, resulting in an extremely robust, one-piece design.

To satisfy the most demanding lubrication requirements Lee also offers special testing including functions such as; custom flow rates, tolerances, pressures, fluids, temperatures and even target testing. Lee Lube Nozzles are available in a wide range of materials including aluminium, stainless steel and titanium or brass if requested. The type of applications where Lee Lube Nozzles will be especially appreciated include; propeller gearboxes, airframe mounted gearboxes (typically military aircraft, used to connect the air turbine starter to the main engine), engine mounted accessory gearboxes which are used to drive fuel pumps, oil pumps, hydraulic pumps and electric generators. Also, main helicopter rotor gearboxes, tail rotor gearboxes and tiltrotor aircraft gearboxes.

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