Edition 12 of the Technical Hydraulic Handbook

Edition 12 of the Technical Hydraulic Handbook has been published and contains over 70 years of innovation in miniature fluid control. The 800+ page handbook includes around 100 pages of engineering reference information to assist engineers in the design and analysis of fluid systems.

The handbook features two new sections covering Combination and Shut-Off Valves and Positive Displacement Pumps along with 46 additional products, expanded information on custom capabilities and updated introduction and installation sections.

Products featured include; plugs, restrictors, metering valves, control valves, check valves, pressure relief valves, shuttle valves, combination valves, shut-off valves, safety screens, solenoid valves and positive displacement pumps.

Accompanying the handbook is a flashdrive which contains a fully indexed PDF file of the hard copy book with links to all the relevant sections of The Lee Company web site. Copies of the handbook and flashdrive can be requested from the Request Information page

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