The continuing story of Lee Company innovation

For over 50 years, the Lee Company has pioneered the design and development of miniature precision fluid control components for aerospace, down-hole oil tools, machine tools, medical/scientific instrumentation, and ink-jet printing.

Since its beginning in 1948, The Lee Company premise has been to economically solve problems where existing hardware is either not immediately available, or is too cumbersome. The Lee Company continues to set the standards for fluid control components through innovations developed at our technical centres.


The Lee story of innovation never ends. Ongoing engineering, research and development activities create new products and identify Lee as a company continually advancing the technology of miniature fluid control components.

Our engineering departments have extensive prototype shops and test laboratories. Rigorous in-house qualification test programs ensure our customers receive only fully proven products. Lee is fully committed to CAE/CAD/CAM and sophisticated computer programs enable our engineers to model many aspects of our fluid control components performance.

The Lee Company maintains a ratio of one engineer per seven employees. This commitment to technology allows Lee to offer the best products and technical support available.