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Designing fluid control systems for use in compact spaces often engenders its own set of challenges, with some designers concerned that miniature innovations somehow represent a compromise in performance. And yet, assuming you pick a reliable technology partner, nothing could be further from the truth.

Bringing performance and reliability to a smaller space demands both expertise and experience. Since 1948, our specialists here at The Lee Company have been pioneering the design and development of miniature fluid control products for critical applications in a wide variety of hydraulic and pneumatic control systems. As you might imagine, the list of potential applications is extensive, and embraces projects for the aircraft, oil tool, space systems, power generation and motorsport markets, to name but a few.

Our miniature fluid control products are instantly recognisable worldwide for their quality, reliability and performance. In essence, it’s about offering unique capabilities in miniaturisation; this is what keeps our company at the forefront of fluid control technology, and enables customers to improve their designs, boost performance and increase profitability.

The world-famous Lee Plugs®, for example, allow users to plug drilled holes without the need for welds, sealants or O-rings, while our Restrictors are 100% tested for accurate flow metering within tolerances as tight as ±2%. We also offer class-leading Nozzles tested for flow and target-hitting ability.

Further innovations from The Lee Company include Chek® Valves, which are designed to eliminate backflow with minimal flow restriction in the smallest package. Furthermore, flow control components such as our Restrictor Cheks® function as a restrictor and check valve in series. We can also provide Shuttle Valves, which provide emergency system isolation or mode-select functions in sizes from 4.75 to 12.7 mm diameter.

Lee Relief Valves are designed to deliver a variety of specific pressure relief needs, while our Safety Screens provide last-chance protection against contamination. In addition, we can supply Solenoid Valves that utilise the patented Lee Multiseal™ to offer the smallest solenoid on the market, as well as our Positive Displacement Pumps that feature a radial piston design with integrated brushless DC motor.

It’s important to point out that our innovation levels are matched by our capacity. Today, The Lee Company operates from a 1 million square foot (93,000 square metre) state-of-the-art facility and maintains an international network of sales engineers ready to assist you in solving your fluid control problems. Think big, design small with precision fluid control products from The Lee Company.

If you’d like to discover more about our miniature fluid control innovations and how they can benefit your project, please contact us.

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