LPD Series Dispense Pumps

There are certain tasks, in certain industries, which demand that little bit more when it comes to precision, and pumping is no exception, particularly within the fluidic systems deployed by the medical and scientific sectors. A dispense pump can be the system’s most essential component, which is precisely why our engineers here at The Lee Company have developed the class-leading LPD series of precision dispense pumps. Of particular note, we’ve made sure that the pumps, despite their exceptional performance level, can be offered at an affordable price, providing exceptional total value.

Our stepper motor driven, positive displacement LPD pumps offer unparalleled reliability and precision. Notably, thanks to their compact, lightweight, maintenance-free design, the pumps can be positioned wherever your fluidic requirements dictate, regardless of accessibility needs.

As well as providing significant cost savings, we wanted to create a dispense pump for the medical and scientific industries that could deliver greater design flexibility through compact dimensions and a lighter total weight. In addition, we ensure that each of our LPD pumps is 100% functionally tested for performance and designed using materials that will provide consistently reliable operation over the long term. In fact, up to 10 million cycles can be achieved, all without any compromise in dispense accuracy or repeatability.

The extent of potential applications is extensive, ranging from reagent dispense, sample preparation, wash systems and in-vitro diagnostics, through to environmental analysis, mass spectrometry, gene sequencing, drug discovery and analytical/scientific instruments. We know there are plenty more applications besides, so please get in touch if you have one that’s not listed here.

To help all those tasked with designing a fluidic system, we offer our chemically inert LPD dispense pumps in two models – standard and high performance. The standard model is equipped with a home sensor to establish end of stroke, whereas the high-performance model includes a home sensor and an optical motor encoder for applications requiring feedback on piston movement. Of course, we can also optimise performance characteristics to meet any specific requirements that you may have.

Full dispense volumes of 50, 250, 1000 and 3000 μl are available.

If you’d like to discover more about our LPD series precision dispense pumps and how they can benefit your project, please contact us.

Download PDF datasheet (982kb)

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