Dual Sealing AFO Plug

As oil and gas wells continue to forage deeper and deeper, drilling, completion and production equipment is subject to ever-increasing hydrostatic pressures. What’s more, when equipment returns to the surface, pressure may remain within the tool, thus requiring a safe purging process.

For all of you oil and gas engineers seeking the ultimate leak-tight, metal-to-metal plug seal for high-pressure applications, a new solution has arrived on the market that incorporates an O-ring with two back-up rings capable of venting pressures up to 1034 bar in the open position, regardless of pressure direction.

Here at Lee Products, this very innovation has now been added to our line of dual sealing AFO (axial force only) plugs for high-pressure environments. Importantly, these latest plugs can withstand all typical subsea and downhole fluids and gases.

We’ve designed the plugs so that in the open position, pressure can be vented out of a side port to remove air from a hydraulic system, safely purge trapped high-pressure gas, or perform a charge/fill function as part of a hydraulic or pneumatic circuit. Our AFO plugs can also be used for pressure equalisation, where they can easily and safely allow pressure to balance between two pressure circuits, such as the ram chambers in a BOP. As a point of note, the plugs offer high-pressure capability in both the open and closed position, with the latter providing leak-tight configuration to 3861 bar.  

Crucially for the oil and gas sector, we’re pleased to report that the new plugs conform to NACE MR0175 as both the body and nose are made from MP35N alloy steel. The O-ring is manufactured from FKM fluoroelastomer, while the back-up rings are produced from PEEK thermoplastic polymer.

As well as high sealing performance, our dual sealing AFO plugs offer exceptional corrosion resistance in high-pressure, high-temperature (up to 232°C) applications. The plugs are reusable, allowing easy access to sealed passageways, while the self-alignment concept of the floating plug nose allows for threaded holes that are not concentric with the through-hole. Also, the sealing elements do not rotate during installation, which prevents galling of the seat.

If you’d like to discover more about our dual sealing AFP plugs and how they can benefit your oil and gas project, please contact us.

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