Miniature positive displacement pumps aid self priming at altitide

Any design engineer tasked with specifying a miniature positive displacement (PD) fuel pump for small to medium unmanned aerial systems will be highly aware of the challenges in hand. Such challenges include self-priming at altitude and the need to reduce cavitation. With these thoughts in mind, our R&D team here at Lee Products set about creating an optimised solution. Following an intensive period of development we are now proud to unveil the company’s new family of high-quality Positive Displacement Pumps.

The differentiator here is our unique radial piston design, which not only aids self-priming at altitude but reduces cavitation. Designed to provide superior durability and efficiency, the new compact, lightweight pumps are qualified for 1000 hours of operation and comply with numerous aerospace specifications.

These high-performance pumps include an integrated brush­less DC servo motor (12-28 Vdc) with hall sensor feedback to allow for precise flow control. The materials used are compatible with most fuels and petroleum-based fluids.

Offering performance attributes that include an operating temperature range of -57 to 110°C, pressures up to 7.9 bar and flow up to 2.27 l/min, further potential applications include auxiliary power units, generators, Formula One race cars and oil pumps, to list but a few.

To find out more about how the new miniature Positive Displacement Pumps from Lee Products can benefit your project, please contact us.

Download PDF datasheet (1.1mb)

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