LHQ Series Quiet Operation Solenoid Valve

Have you ever been frustrated by the inherent clicking noise that emanates from an energised solenoid valve? All that hard work put into the design of your medical device or instrument, with its sophisticated functionality and sleek good looks – all somewhat overshadowed by the click, click, click of metal-to-metal solenoid contact. Understandably, patients and device end users often report this sound as causing unease at instrument level, and yet there exists a perfectly good solution.

Our LHQ quiet-operation HDI solenoid valve features special ‘whisper’ technology to significantly reduce actuation noise by 50% compared with our already best-in-class HDI design. Engineers at The Lee Company have developed this compact, lightweight three-port solenoid valve to provide a sound level measurement of less than 37 dBA (when measured at a distance of 300 mm and a valve cycle frequency of 10 Hz).

Given its low sound profile, small size and exceptional reliability throughout its extensive operating life (25 million cycles), we know our quiet-operation solenoid valve is ideal for air and mild gas applications, such as patient simulators, dialysis instruments, patient monitors and other bedside medical devices. What’s more, you’ll be pleased to learn that its performance characteristics can be optimised to meet your specific application requirements.

So, if minimal actuation sound is high on your list of product attributes, then why not get in touch? The new valve is available in face-mount, plug-in and ported configurations. In fact, as its small footprint allows easy manifold mounting, it’s the perfect solution for where a large number of valves must be designed into the smallest possible space.

If you’d like to discover more about our LHQ quiet-operation HDI solenoid valve and how it can benefit your medical device project, please contact us.

Download PDF datasheet (1.31mb)

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