Lee Flosert - miniature flow regulating valves

Whatever the application or industry, be it aerospace, oil and gas, or motorsport, when it comes to micro-hydraulics, flow control is a big deal. However, one specific parameter can spoil the party with regard to the successful deployment of flow control valves – pressure!

With this quandary in mind, our engineers here at Lee Products set about creating a miniature flow regulating valve that could provide constant flow, regardless of varying pressure conditions.

The result of their endeavours is the Lee Flosert®. That’s right, these ingenious pressure-compensated devices will deliver constant flow over a wide range of differential pressures.

How so, we hear you ask? Well, Flosert functions by sensing the flow rate in terms of a differential pressure across a fixed orifice. A variable metering orifice then automatically adjusts to keep this pressure, and therefore the flow rate, constant. Job done!

Armed with this capability, our miniature Floserts are useful for controlling the velocity of an actuator under varying loads, regulating motor speed or pump output, increasing the stiffness of hydrostatic bearings, and even synchronising multiple actuators. Typical high-pressure hydraulic applications include aircraft utility actuators, which are used to operate passenger, cargo bay and landing-gear doors, as well as downhole drilling and wireline tools, and high-performance race cars.

Each Flosert features our field-proven insert principle of controlled expansion during installation, which serves to lock the valve securely in place and prevent any bypass leakage.

Weighing around 6-7 g and constructed entirely of stainless steel, every Lee Flosert is 100% tested and inspected to ensure reliable, consistent performance for our end users.

Available in forward and reverse regulated flow configurations, Floserts offer a regulated flow rate of 0.04 to 30 LPM, within a regulated flow tolerance of ±10%. Nominal system pressure is up to 550 bar.   If you would like to discover more about our Floserts and how they can benefit your project, please contact us.

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