Lee Etched Safety Screens

As engineers, we all appreciate the need to protect critical hydraulic and pneumatic components. Whether your industry is aerospace, oil and gas, motorsport or machine tools, etched safety screens that protect relief valves, nozzles and orifices from rogue particles of contamination and debris are an integral design requirement. Moreover, using such screens provides additional levels of protection on sub-system components such as pumps, flow dividers, gearboxes, actuators and control valves.

For over 60 years, our Etched Safety Screens here at Lee Products have been instrumental in this role. We manufacture them using a proprietary process that features a seamless, one-piece design, incorporat¬ing radial or circular convolutions that greatly increase their contamination carrying capacity. The result, as an ever-increasing number of you can testify, is a robust screen with an optimum amount of protection in a small package. And we can now announce that this field-proven range has been extended.

Our Etched Safety Screens have traditionally been offered in several standard hole sizes, including 100, 150, 200 and 380 micron. We’ve now extended this range to include 75 micron for applications needing finer filtration, and 500 micron to cover coarser filtration requirements. In addition, we’ve added a 250 micron hole size to bridge the gap between the existing 200 and 380 micron screens.

Offering our expanded range brings even more versatility to a product line that already delivers significant design flexibility. The screens are available in seven different standard installation configurations and are constructed entirely from 304L stainless steel. However, if you require higher pressures, we can supply flange mount designs in 17-7PH stainless steel.

If you’d like to discover more about our Etched Safety Screens and how they can benefit your hydraulic or pneumatic project, please contact us.

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